Tom Thumb and Lavinia wedding album locket
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A very rare antique miniature brass wedding album of General Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren circa 1863.  This tiny Wedding Album is in very nice condition, it has six pages and a total of 12 pictures with a ring at the top so you may use it as a locket or pendant.

We have found that The Metropolitan Museum Of Art and The Cleveland Museum Of Art each have a nearly identical miniature Tom Thumb Wedding Album in their collections.  The photography has been attributed to Mathew B. Brady 1823-1896 N.Y.  The album consists of 6 hinged brass frames holding 12 Albumen silver prints.  The frames are hinged accordion style and attached between two brass covers that have been embossed to resemble a miniature suitcase with the words "Somebody's Luggage" on the front cover.  This miniature wedding album locket has straight hinges that fold nicely and the clasp works great.  This rare piece worthy of display in a museum measures approximately overall: 1 1/16 tall including the ring × 3/4" wide × 3/8" thick and the little "frames" that hold each photograph (one photo on each side) are approximately 5/8" wide × 13/16" tall.  The pictures are of the bride, Lavinia Warren and her maid of honor, sister Minnie Warren, along with the Groom, General Tom Thumb and his best man, George Washington Morrison (Commodore) Nutt, also Lavinia holding a baby and other little people in the wedding party we have not yet identified.  Tom Thumb was the brainchild of P.T. Barnum and General Tom Thumb was a major attraction for many years in P.T.  Barnum's world famous "Greatest Show On Earth".

Our research indicates that very few of these Tom Thumb miniature Wedding Albums have ever come to auction and even fewer yet are held in private collections so this may be your "chance in a lifetime" to add this one to your collection!  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS RARE TOM THUMB WEDDING ALBUM LOCKET.







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