Althof Bergmann Mechanical Buggy in Box
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THIS ITEM HAS SOLD!  THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, BUT WE THOUGHT SOME OF YOU MAY ENJOY SEEING THE PHOTOS. We present for your consideration an early American Althof Bergmann & Co. Mechanical Buggy model 502/1 in the original box.  This is truly a once in a lifetime find and the new owner can be very proud to own such a rare piece of American toy history.  Included with the hand painted tin wind up toy is the original wind up key and the factory labeled box with the almost unknown ABC “Althof Bergmann & Company” trademark label.  The paint on this wonderful horse and buggy toy has been examined under a black light and found to be 100% original.  We believe that even the string reins are original to this toy.  The clockwork mechanism is in its' original and functioning condition.  The winding key was made with a reduced diameter at the shaft in order to fit by the wheel as the motor shaft and the wheel on the buggy are almost in line with each other.  As for the physical condition of the toy it is nearly dust free, there is some missing and flaking paint yet the toy appears to be unused, all of the colors remain bright and vibrant.  The box has both the factory label indicating the model number and name of the toy (which coincide with our copy of the Althof Bergmann 1874 catalogue pg.67) and the trademark label as well at the same end.  The lid of the box is a bit warped and it has 2 small dents as well as a small tear on the end lip. The bottom of the box is very fine with some pencil marks on the bottom of the box and on the factory label however the printing can be read through it. There has been no attempt made to clean this toy or the box; it remains as found.  The toy measures nearly 8” in length and the box is just over 8” in length.  We did extensive research on the internet and used our own substantial toy library in an attempt to find another copy of this ABC trademark or a report of another original box and we could not find either.  We then consulted a well known antique toy expert asking if he recalled ever seeing a copy of this trademark or had heard of another Althof Bergmann original box and he reported that in both cases he had not.  There likely are other examples of an Althof Bergmann box and their trademark and the wind up key, however we tried our best and were not able to find any.  PLEASE REVIEW ALL PHOTOS AND USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES FOR BEST DESCRIPTION.

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