Five French Miniature Dollhouse Books
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We are pleased to offer for your consideration a group of five antique miniature French books.  See below for description of each one.

1. Printed in 1895 titled Le Petit Poucet translated it means "Tom Thumb" written by C.H. Perrault with 4 illustrations by Steinlin. This rare dollhouse size book has 62 pages with an additional page on which the poem "Moralite" or "Morality" is printed.  Le Petit Poucet has all of the pages. There are a couple of unnumbered pages in the front and the numbering starts at page number 6 and is consecutive all the way through page number 62 which is the end of the story. There is one last page at the end that is unnumbered with the poem on it.  The book is marked as being published by Pairault & Cie. Paris France 1895. This wonderful little book measures 1 1/2" tall 1 1/8' wide and 1/4' thick and is in wonderful condition with very little soiling.

2. Book of French fairy tales printed in 1896 in Paris by Pairault & Cie, Publishers.  This tiny book is titled Fortunée, one of the original Fairy Tales.   Marie-Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville or Baroness d'Aulnoy (1650/1651–4 January 1705), also known as Countess d'Aulnoy, was a French writer known for her fairy tales. When she termed her works contes de fées(fairy tales) she originated the term Fairy Tales that we still use today to describe these tales of fancy and imagination.  A few of the pages in the book have some minor tearing where they had been separated and the spine of the book is visible from inside when some of the pages are opened (when the book is opened wide open (see photos #7 and #8).  There are a few unnumbered pages at the beginning of the book and then they started the numbers at number 10. The pages are numbered consecutively and all there up to and including page number 72 and then jump to page number 81. We honestly don't see that there are any missing pages between page 72 and page 81 and cannot account for the jump in numbers. The last numbered page is number 84 and then there are 3 additional uncut pages with printing on them after that.  Overall the condition is very nice with minimal edge wear to the cover and spine and minimal soiling.  The printing in the book is clear and legible and there are a couple of illustrations in the text.  This rare miniature book measures about 1 ¼” wide by 1 ½” tall and ¼” thick.

3. Authored by Hegesippe Moreau and is titled "LA SOURIS BLANCHE" or "THE WHITE MOUSE" The book is marked as having been printed in Paris France By Pairault & Cie. 1895. Is in very nice original condition . There is some minor tearing to the top of the pages where they were seperated and the back cover is slightly soiled and a pin hole in it. Measures 1 1/2" tall by 1 1/8' wide and 1/4" thick.

4.Les Rondes de I'Enfance” or roughly translated "The Circle of Children". French song book with lyrics printed in 1895 in Paris. The book is complete and in wonderful original condition. The pages of this miniature book remain uncut, attached at the top fold. Very minimal edge wear on the cover and spine. The printing in the book is clear and legible and there are a few illustrations, a few pages of music scattered throughout the text. The book measures about 1 ¼” wide by 1 ½” tall and ¼” thick.

5. Miniature French book printed in 1897 titled "La Filleule du Seigneur" or "The Goddaughter Lord" written by Charles Nodier. The book has 66 pages with an additional 5 pages of advertisement for additional mini books. The book is marked as having been published by Pairault & Cie. in Paris France, 1897. There is some tearing at the top of the pages where they were separated. This does not affect the print. This wonderful little dollhouse book measures 1 1/2" tall 1 1/8' wide and 1/4' thick.

These antique miniature books from France will make a wonderful accessory for your dollhouse!  PLEASE REVIEW EACH PHOTO AND BE SURE TO USE THE ENLARGE AND ZOOM FEATURES  FOR THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF THESE WONDERFUL LITTLE BOOKS.


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